A burning desire, born from a plethora of experience, Created in the deep of my mind, Given a stage, a world, a home, a journey, a life. Formed from a vineyard of words, picked by caring and tender hands, as a farmer tending crop; Arranged like a masterful sculptor, carefully chipping away until it takes … Continue reading The Masterpiece


The Masterpiece

It case you missed it…


My fellow readers, greetings once again!

You may have been wondering where has R.J gone? Or not. Regardless of your current estimation, the truth to that particular ponder is this…

Life sped away from me as if I were strapped down to a wild roller coaster. Being a father to a wonderful two-year-old son, a husband to a brilliant and patient wife, and striving to be a hard worker within a fast paced, deadline driven and entirely autonomous environment, has seen the last year and four months as an amalgamation of emotional highs and lows. Time is indeed a relative experience, constantly ebbing away. We are all in the cyclical realms where day becomes night, night becomes day, weeks become months and months become … er well- we all are, and yet still here I am-  looking at my work in progress, wondering why on earth I’m still trying to…

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Roller coasters, Peppermint tea, Sleepless nights with not an end in sight.